At Cambridge, I teach or have taught the following undergraduate papers

  • IA Meaning
  • IA Set Texts (Mill and Descartes)
  • IA Ethics and Political Philosophy
  • IB Ethics
  • IB Political Philosophy
  • II Political Philosophy
  • II Ethics
  • II Dissertations in Aesthetics, Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, Speech Act Theory, Critical Race Theory, Political Philosophy

I have supervised MPhil (masters) essays and dissertations in feminist philosophy, philosophy of race, ethics, aesthetics, and philosophy of language.

Discussion Groups

I have led undergraduate discussion groups (8-15 students) on the following subjects:

  • First year (IA) Metaphysics
  • First year (1A) Ethics and Political Philosophy
  • Second year (1B) Political Philosophy


In Michaelmas 2019 and Michaelmas 2021 I lectured on ‘Intention and Convention’ , for the First year (IA) Meaning paper.

In Lent 2021 I lectured on ‘Topics in Feminism’, for the Third Year (II) Political Philosophy paper – slides for these are available on Moodle.