Social media and the internet

Speech acts and power


  • ‘Cat-Calls, Compliments, and Coercion’, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 2022
  • ‘Feminism and Gender’, with Clare Chambers, Issues in Political Theory (5th edition), edited by R. Jubb and P. Tomlin, forthcoming
  • ‘Flirting’, in Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Sex (C. Chambers, B.D. Earp and L. Watson, eds.), 2022

Moral psychology

Book reviews

Work in progress

  • A paper about love, with Cathy Mason, under review (email me for a draft)
  • A chapter about power and personal relationships, for the Oxford Handbook of the Philosophy of Personal Relationships
  • A paper about normativity and speech
  • A paper about double binds
  • A paper about moral injury
  • A paper about sexual violence