I am a session leader for the Cambridge University Outreach programme, which aims to widen participation in higher education in the UK. I was a first generation university student, and I am passionate about making higher education more accessible and diverse. I also really enjoy teaching and promoting philosophy to young people.

My principal workshop is called ‘Exploring Hate Speech’. During this workshop we discuss issues like hate speech, free speech, and political injustice, drawing on ideas from philosophy, politics and law. The workshop is designed so that students do not need to know anything about these subjects beforehand.

I also deliver workshops on philosophy in general (tackling questions like ‘Am I dreaming?’ and ‘Is murder always wrong?’), on Oxbridge applications, and on applying to university.

I’m always happy to be contacted about outreach work. Please get in touch with the Cambridge Outreach Programme, or email me directly at lm675[@]cam.ac.uk. I am happy to run workshops for secondary school students of all ages.