My PhD project, funded by the Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership and supervised by Rae Langton and Clare Chambers, uses ideas from philosophy of language, linguistics, ethics and feminist philosophy to explore the ways we use language to enforce social norms and standards. I am interested in speech act theory, thick concepts and terms, hate speech, blame, sexual harassment and social norms.

My current working papers include:

  • “Blaming and Shaming” – in review
  • “Sluts and Slurs” – in review
  • “Complimenting Speech Acts” – in review
  • “Cat-Calling and Accommodation” – in review
  • “Speech Acts and Time” – in progress
  • “The Nature of Uptake” – in progress

I also recently contributed a chapter about the speech act of ‘throwing shade’ to RuPaul’s Drag Race and Philosophy, forthcoming with Open Court in 2019.

Before my PhD I did the BPhil, a two year master’s degree in philosophy at Oxford. My thesis, supervised by Tim Williamson, was on the semantics and pragmatics of slurs. Before that, I studied PPE at Oxford as an undergraduate.


Invited and Refereed
• “Blaming and Shaming”, Moral Sciences Club, University of Cambridge, 2019/2020
• “Online Speech”, Sixth International Conference on Philosophy of Language and Linguistics, University of Lodz, May 2019
• “Shaming Speech”, The Social Institution of Norms, University of Vienna, Apr 2019
• “Shaming Speech Acts”, Speech As Action, University of Trieste, Nov 2018
• “Catcalls and Compliments”, Just Words: Early Career Workshop, UCL, Jun 2018
• “Sluts and Slurs”, Context, Cognition & Communication Conference, University of Warsaw, Jun 2018
• “Hermeneutical Resources”, Philosophy Graduate Conference, University of Oxford, Nov 2017
• “Revenge Pornography”, Open Minds Conference, University of Manchester, Dec 2016
• “Bathroom Bills”, The Centre for Gender Studies Biennial Gender Research Conference, University of Hull, Nov 2016

• “Cat-Calls and Accommodation”, Pragmatics Workshop, University of Cambridge, May 2019
• “Sluts, Slurs and Neutral Counterparts”, Presupposition, Force and Social Norms, University of Cambridge, May 2018
• “Sluts and Slurs”, Graduate Seminar, University of Cambridge, Nov 2017
• “Revenge Pornography”, Ockham Society, University of Oxford, Nov 2016