My PhD project, funded by the Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership and supervised by Rae Langton, uses ideas from philosophy of language, linguistics, feminist philosophy and ethics to explore the normative dimensions of speech. I am interested in the following topics:

  • Pejorative language
  • Thick concepts and terms
  • Speech act theory
  • Hate speech
  • Links between language and emotion (especially shame)
  • Norms, normalisation and norm-enforcement

Before my PhD I did the BPhil, a two year master’s degree in philosophy at Oxford. My thesis, supervised by Tim Williamson, was on the semantics and pragmatics of slurs. Before that, I studied PPE at Oxford as an undergraduate.

Since January 2018 I’ve convened a Philosophy of Language reading group here at Cambridge, and I am a secretary of the Moral Sciences Club for 2018-2019.

When not thinking about philosophy, I like playing the saxophone and hanging out with my dogs. I have also been involved in the University’s Breaking the Silence initiative, and am interested in ways university spaces can better prevent sexual misconduct and support those who experience it.